ViFive: An innovator in Vision AI technology raises $5.8 Million

ViFive: A disruptor in vision artificial intelligence (AI) technology for mobile phones or tablets, ViFive offers a MSK assessment, evaluation, pose correction, exercise prescription, and remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM).

California – March 10, 2022 – ViFive, an innovator in Vision AI technology, has recently announced Pre A funding of $5.8 Million. This funding round saw investments from companies like SV Investment (who were the initial investors to BTS), Smilegate Investment, Company K Partners, Lotte Ventures and Dunamu & Partners. With this significant investment in their advanced Vision AI technology, ViFive plans to accelerate digital health transformation through a platform provided to healthcare providers so they can develop their own digital care solutions focused on personalized care, centered around patient-provider interaction and remote therapeutic monitoring ( RTM).

ViFive is a significant leap forward compared to commonly used technologies such as sensors and digital goniometers. ViFive has developed a one-of-a-kind platform that uses computer vision technologies to map the MSK system and produce an unique MSK fingerprint for each user. The technology teaches and optimizes workouts prescribed by providers and tracks the users progress. The system can also be wholly integrated into an existing telehealth platform and customized to the partner’s unique needs. ViFive maps the users musculoskeletal movements with just the phone or tablet camera and requires no external equipment to guide the physical movement.

ViFive’s founders understand the struggle of musculoskeletal ailments since they have endured similar challenges. ViFive’s founders, Stephen Choi and Soonmin Ko, developed this creative and efficient solution after leading machine learning teams at big tech companies such as Google and Apple and at a unicorn start-up company. ViFive’s vision AI and big data solution can standardize RTM and more effectively track the rehabilitation process for musculoskeletal patients.

“MSK is the single largest healthcare cost driver in the United States, and ViFive’s vision of AI technology is the solution that has the potential to deliver cost-effective RTM for hundreds of thousands of people annually. Reducing the individual disease burden and costs associated with MSK are our main objectives.” — Stephen Choi (Co-Founder and CEO)

There are over 127 million people who have musculoskeletal disorders or MSK in the US. These musculoskeletal challenges range from typical back pain to post-surgery rehabilitation. ViFive aims to provide a more accessible, affordable, and patient-centric treatment for musculoskeletal disorders and lead the virtual health services transformation.

ViFive offers a cost-effective and patient-centric technology that is more reliable and durable than any competitors. The technology maps the MSK system while offering configurable features including range-of-motion measurement, assessment scores, risk analysis, and real-time pose correction as it tracks progress over time.

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ViFive offers a platform to streamline digital-health App development. By using the ViFive platform, users can focus on content creation without reinventing Vision AI technology. ViFive aims to enhance lifelong physio coaching, improve patients’ access to MSK therapy, and accelerate intervention and behavior change.

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