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Have fun trying the special face effects in the Photo Booth App.

I got myself a new toy. The Oculus Quest 2 is a virtual reality headset that, when put on, gives you a 360-degree live video experience that you just can’t imagine.

Along with many apps to choose from, you can use it for gaming, exercise and traveling the world exploring cities, countries and even the space station. When I got everything up and running — which was very easy — I was blown away by visiting the space station, watching astronauts space walking around repairing the module.

This new concept of virtual reality has unlimited abilities. Pretty soon you’ll be able to contact your friends and not only communicate in real time space, but play golf or go running with them.

The best part of this initial experience was downloading the National Graphic App and traveling to Paris. Walking along with all the tourists, then viewing the whole city while on top of the Eiffel Tower, was better than booking a flight to France and paying for a hotel room. Then it was off to Africa… and I almost got trampled from a huge charging elephant. After that, I was totally blown away touring the city of Dubai and amazed by the unique buildings, landscape and the island homes stretching out like fingers into the ocean.

I bought the Oculus Quest 2 at Costco for about $400. This new concept will eventually usher in the long-awaited Apple Glasses, and when we throw away our iPhones, we’ll live in a Virtual Reality Environment.

Did you know that there is an app called Photo Booth? This app lets you choose all kinds of special face effects — you can take a snapshot of your face twisted or blown up. Better yet, you can take a video of your face shrunken and send it along with voice message to your boss.

In the Music App, click on Window, Visualizer and watch cool graphic effects synchronizing while a song is playing. Did you know that you can listen to live radio stations while in the Music App? In the box on the lefthand corner, you can choose Radio. Also, there is a free Chess App on the Mac, where you can play chess against the computer and it can be switched to a 3-D effect. There you can move the board up, down and sideways to get some really cool effects.

Using the keys Control Command Space will bring up emojis that you can use when typing. To increase the size of the emoji, right-click and a menu pops up where it shows the font (you can increase the font by using the up and down arrow keys).

Have fun playing around with these tricks!

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