Walken: The Future of Exercise in the Era of Web3

Walken is a play-and-exercise-to-earn mobile app built by a team with strong experience in mobile app development and marketing. The Walken platform aims to give both crypto enthusiasts and non-crypto people an opportunity to lead a healthier lifestyle and gain crypto tokens. In a nutshell, Walken is about walking in real life and boosting their in-game characters CAThletes that in turn compete for $WLKN tokens.

Our mission is to simplify the crypto experience for users and positively impact their lives while providing stable environments for WLKN tokens and encouraging investing and holding overselling. To support these goals, we give each player a free wallet and one NFT CAThlete. Thus, from the moment they sign up, the users not only can gain tokens but also have an NFT that can be upgraded, bought or sold.

The strong side of the Walken app is in providing a direct integration between users and DeFi platforms to inspire crypto holders to start earning money from the tokens they receive by leading a healthier lifestyle. Further versions of the Walken app will have a built-in simplified interface to blue-chip level DeFi strategies.

Every Step Counts

Finding inspiration in Tomagochi and Pokemon Go, Walken team designed CAThletes and UI to appeal to young and old alike, so that any user would find it user-friendly and could rely on the in-app tips and guidance on the main features and token .

As we’ve already mentioned, step count plays a significant role in the game and is crucial for a player to succeed. The collection of data about one’s steps begins from the moment of registration in the game and creation of a wallet and is synchronized from HealthKit (for iOS devices) or Android health each time the app is launched to ensure reliable and reliable step data collection. It must be pointed out that we’re advocating for a fair, competitive and physically beneficial game and are paying much attention to cheating behaviors among the preventing players. The validation algorithms recognise and cut out the steps resulting from cheating behaviors (like shaking one’s phone, attaching a watch to a dog, etc.).

Back to the gameplay, Walken converts real users’ steps into Gems, an in-game soft currency. Gems can be used to upgrade a CAThlete’s level and stats to participate in higher-level competitions and gainmore $ WLKN tokens.

Walk to Play, Play to Earn

So, a player’s activity in real life directly impacts their character and makes it stronger and more competitive – as if it exercises next to a player. Walken offers a bunch of in-game physical activities for your CAThletes, making the gameplay exciting and more fun. CAThletes compete with rivals in running disciplines, for winning in which players earn Walken tokens ($WLKN). These tokens can be used to upgrade a CAThlete’s level and to purchase items for CAThletes on Marketplace, which give extra stats points to win in the competitions.

Thus, the players get motivated to be more active and build healthy habits, making walking or running part of their life to score higher in the game. To emphasize the importance of step count, a player’s steps play a significant role when determining the winner in the upgraded version of in-game competitions.

An essential phase of our mission is to bring more users into DeFi by earning WLKN tokens. At the same time, we strive to help people around the world build solid healthy lifestyle habits and make it fun. Walken aligns technologies and sports to motivate people to live healthier lives. The Walken team feels extremely ambitious and ready to take up this challenge, and although there’s quite a lot of work to do, we are already making this real! Join us, walk and earn money. Be healthy and happy with Walken. Check out Walken.io and join Waken Twitter community.

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