How to install and deploy Quay on Red Hat OpenShift

For containers to be beneficial to an organization, IT admins must properly store and manage container images in a container. For Red Hat OpenShift users, Quay is a viable option. Quay is an open source container registry with built-in features such as image scanning, automated container builds and integrations with source code repositories. It’s also … Read more

Tesla to receive a nickel for $5 billion

According to media reports and vague statements by a responsible minister, Tesla is said to have concluded a deal with Indonesia. The company is to buy nickel for $5 billion and locate a factory in Indonesia. Indonesian Nickel Policy Indonesia is home to the largest confirmed nickel deposits on Earth. The country is building its … Read more

How do I install Java on Ubuntu?

While Ubuntu does not come with a Java runtime preinstalled, it does come prepackaged with the ability to easily install Java with the apt command. There are many different ways to install Java on Ubuntu, but if all you need is the ability to run a Java program or even develop and compile some Java … Read more

Git and GitHub SSH KeyGen by Example

In order to push, pull and clone securely between your local Git installation and a remote GitHub or GitLab repository, you must first create an SSH key pair. This both identifies you and authenticates your local Git installation with the remote GitHub or GitLab server to which you are attempting to connect. GitHub SSH KeyGen … Read more

Java Ternary Operator

What is the Java ternary operator? The ternary operator in Java provides an abbreviated syntax to evaluate a true or false condition, and return a value based on the boolean result. The Java ternary operator can be used in place of if..else statements to create highly condensed and arguably unintelligible code. Experienced developers love the … Read more

Python Stays at Top of TIOBE’s Popular Language List

Python continues to dominate the TIOBE Index’s monthly list of the world’s most popular programming languages—but Python’s weaknesses leave other languages ​​some room to rule key tech segments. “It is hard to find a field of programming in which Python is not used extensively nowadays,” reads the note accompanying TIOBE’s latest update. “The only exception … Read more

Is HTML a programming language?

No, HTML is not a computer programming language. This may ruffle the feathers of web developers and graphic designers who take pride in the webpages they have built. learning, HTML is not a programming language. Why is HTML not a programming language? HTML is not a computer programming language for three reasons: It does not … Read more

Use MicroK8s with Raspberry Pi in this tutorial

MicroK8s is Kubernetes’ baby brother. It is designed for small-scale Kubernetes experimentation on local VMs or machines with scant resources. Raspberry Pi computers can run MicroK8s with a much smaller memory footprint and constrained resources due to its size. Both MicroK8s and Raspberry Pi are small options, but together they enable IT ops admins to … Read more