Blockchain and its Cloud Computing Needs

Blockchain technology has been a disruptive force in the era of digital transformation. According to Statista Research, worldwide spending on blockchain solutions is expected to grow to $19 billion USD by 2024. While blockchain has gained notoriety through cryptocurrency, the technology is used by many businesses across industries. In a recent TechRepublic Research study, 64% … Read more

The best IDEs for Python developers

Every artisan needs their tools, and software developers need their own programs to create elegant work. These integrated development environments (IDEs) are purpose-built to make it as easy as possible to write code and build applications. Many IDEs are designed with specific features to help craft properly structured software source code in specific languages, and … Read more

How to Create Dialog Boxes in Java

The main function of a dialog box is for an application or website to retrieve some input from the user. That input can be an acknowledgment that they have read a message or something they enter into a text area. A dialog box immediately captures a user’s attention. It’s a perfect tool for collecting or … Read more

How to invest in Mushe (XMU), XRP(XRP), and Fantom (FTM) in a bear market?

ANI | Updated: Jun 18, 2022 10:16 IST New Delhi [India] June 18 (ANI/ATK): If you’re an avid investor you may be aware that despite the gloom and uncertainty that surrounds a bear market, there is also an opportunity to take advantage of this precarious situation. This article will offer a spark of hope to … Read more

10 cheap Minecraft server hosting websites in 2022

Although Minecraft Realms is a great way to play multiplayer with friends, some players have more ambitious goals. Instead of hosting a server on their own hardware, players can host their server through various third-party hosting sites. Many of the top server hosting sites not only accommodate Minecraft, but they provide excellent options for other … Read more

JAXenter is becoming devmio on June 27

Mark your calendars. Something big is happening: On June 27, 2022, is becoming devmio. Join us at our new home: the definitive training platform for software professionals. What does this mean for our readers? You will still be able to access expert knowledge about Java, DevOps, JavaScript, machine learning, PHP, IT security, and countless … Read more

The top secure software development frameworks

Advances in computer technology have prompted the development of frameworks that address security and user requirements in the software development lifecycle. This article examines several established SDLC frameworks, as well as two frameworks that specifically incorporate risk and security elements. With growing cybersecurity threats, organizations must design and upgrade software applications with security in mind, … Read more

Microsoft Retools ‘Untapped Superpower’ Low-Code Push with Power Pages — Visual Studio Magazine

News Microsoft Retools ‘Untapped Superpower’ Low-Code Push with Power Pages Microsoft is doubling down on its low-code push spearheaded by its Power Platform, just revamped with a new offering called Power Pages for building simple, data-driven web sites. With the addition of Power Pages, the Power Platform now features five main components, with the others … Read more